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    Welcome to the Longarm Quilters Guild Across America April 11 2021 Meeting!

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    • April 11 2021 Agenda

    • Guest: Dr. Donna G Smith

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Guest Bio

Dr. Donna G. Smith is the host and guest speaker of this meeting. She will share her vision for the Longarm Quilters Guild Across America. Donna will also share something special as the first guest!

Growing up in a family with multiple generation quilters, Donna Smith has been quilting since she was a teenager. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2014, Donna and her husband, Chip, bought their first Handi Quilter Longarm, the Avante with the Pro-Stitcher. 

Having received minimal training, Donna set out to learn how to use the Pro-Stitcher on her own, watching video after video. In 2018, she traveled to Handi Quilter Headquarter to train as a technician and saw the amazing quilts that hang along the walls throughout the offices and training rooms. She came home determined to step up her quilting with the Pro-Stitcher and designed a quilt on Simulation, made the quilt top (yes! the quilt top was designed to enhance her Pro-Stitcher design arrangement!) and then stitched out this amazing award winning quilted wall hanging.

Donna is now dedicated to helping other longarm quilters learn and achieve their own quilting desires.